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Tea Power Glaze

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Notice:Products to physical shooting, due to different lights and monitors, there is a fine color difference, manual measurement error, each product and size weight are slightly different, specifically, please take the physical

Weight: 204g
Capacity: Less than 200 ml
Diameter:  9.8CM
Height:  6.5CM
Heat resistance: 150C Food safety: YES
Dishwasher: YES
Microwave: NO Oven: NO Direct Heating: NO



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Tea powder glaze is one of the important varieties of iron crystal glaze in ancient methe tea powder glaze fired in Jingdezhen during the Qing Dynasty was cut and decorated porcelain. From the handed down, the products from the Yongzheng and Qianlong period are more common. The glaze of Yongzheng tea powder is mostly yellow, and the glaze of Qianlong tea powder is mostly green.         

Chinese name: tea powder glaze category; high temperature yellow glaze features: iron oxide as coloring agent
     Position in porcelain: an important variety in ancient iron crystal glaze Alias: bronze color

Iron oxide is used as the coloring agent, and it is fired in a reducing flame at a high temperature between 1200°C and 1300°C. The glazed surface is devitrified, the glaze is mixed with yellow and green like fine tea leaves, green is called tea, yellow is called end, simple and beautiful, intriguing. Deep and solemn, very ancient. The Yongzheng and Qianlong dynasties were the most important, and became the secret glaze of the palace, which was only treasured by the royal family.

The most widely spread is the passage in the Qing dynasty Jiyuan old man <<Tao Ya>>, "Tea powder is moist, bright, and lively. The three are expensive. The tea powder is yellow and green. It is charming but not vulgar. Yuhua is as beautiful as jade, and the vase is the most eye-catching. "According to the famous academic paper "Research on the main crystal phase of the crystalline glaze of tea powder" published by Professor Fang Hao, a clay and glaze expert from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 1989." Tea powder is one of the oldest crystal glazes in my country. In most cases, the standard sample of tea powder glaze is a brown-black base or green-black base glaze. There are scattered natural and golden yellow-green crystal dots. The firing of tea powder is more difficult. It is fired in an oxidizing atmosphere at the low temperature stage. After the temperature is about 980°C, if it is fired in a reducing atmosphere, it will turn into dark green crystal dots, which is commonly known as "scarlet green." Yellow crystal dots are commonly known as "eel yellow".