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Bloom tea bowl tea cup

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-High temperature (1280 degrees Celsius to 1350 degrees Celsius)
-The function of keeping warm and heating and improving the taste
-Hand-made, special production materials, into the kiln color, out of the kiln
-Has a long history, the world's tea porcelain industry is well-known
-Ideal for art collections, art lovers, teacup porcelain lovers
-The best choice for elegant high-end gifts, gorgeous and beautiful boxes
-Suitable for all occasions

Notice:Products to physical shooting, due to different lights and monitors, there is a fine color difference, manual measurement error, each product and size weight are slightly different, specifically, please take the physical

Weight: 163g
Capacity: Less than 200 ml
Diameter:  8CM
Height:  4.8CM
Heat resistance: 150C Food safety: YES
Dishwasher: YES
Microwave: NO Oven: NO Direct Heating: NO

The best choice for elegant high-end gifts, gorgeous beautiful boxes

As a porcelain gift, it is rare, very special, very rare, very unique, bright colors unique pattern, let you stand out from the many gifts, let people have a profound impact, let people forget, highlighting the buyer's elegant taste. He is a product worth investing in.

Has a long history, the world's tea porcelain industry is well-known

 Temmoku , produced in Jianyang District of Nanping City, Fujian Province, as early as the Song Dynasty in China, is the royal tea set, at that time was one of the eight famous porcelain in the Song Dynasty, the representative of black porcelain, enjoy the "Pearl of porcelain altar" reputation. Temmoku is to Jianyang local high iron content of red soil as the main tire material, after kneading mud, pull blanks, glaze and other processes, in the kiln in the kiln burned from the black glazed porcelain.

The function of keeping warm and heating and improving the taste

Many friends said that with Jianzhan white wine, beer, red wine, boiled water, mineral water, coffee and other liquid drinks, its taste is more pure and delicious.
Tea with Jianzhan, can be long-term heat storage and improve the alkaline tea soup, tea water quality will become soft and sweet, stimulate and enhance the aroma of tea, to ensure that the taste of tea is better, with Temmoku tea can play a soothing role, the use of Jianzhan process can release iron ions, trace elements are absorbed by the human body, but also reached a certain role of health care. Drinking tea with Temmoku can cultivate self-cultivation and regulate people's mood. Drinking tea can be peaceful, is a new way to adjust the rhythm of life.

Hand-made, special production materials, into the kiln               

Million color any one of the building is not double-day, he in the same wood kiln, glazed color changes are very exaggerated, glaze color is a world difference. The burning process of Jiandang, to go through the process of porcelain selection, porcelain ore crushing, washing, ingredients, stale, mud practice, kneading mud, pull blanks, blank repair, plain burning, glazing, kilning, roasting and other processes. To burn a good building, the finished product rate is very low, sometimes burn out a kiln is all defective products are possible, can be said to be a thousand miles to choose one, more perfect to pick one in a thousand. Do a beautiful and beautiful building only to grasp each link above, the temperature control is also extremely important. So be kind to the lamp in your hand, because these are the efforts of the Master of Burning.