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DOMESTIC (US) Ready-to-Ship orders will be carefully packaged and shipped within 1-3 business days of purchase. Prices listed are for UPS and you will receive an email letting you know your order has shipped. Shipping costs are based on weight, distance, and handling, and more items always cost more to ship.
Depending on the weight of the item or the size of the box used for shipping, shipping pottery can be expensive. We are a very small business and are not eligible for shipping discounts. We use recycled materials for transportation to reduce transportation costs and limit our carbon footprint. We don't earn any freight, the listed prices are actual costs, and sometimes even slightly discounted. If there is any special free shipping activity, we will also write it on the bulletin board as soon as possible, so that it is convenient to place an order.

We cannot guarantee delivery time or date-orders usually arrive 5-7 business days after the delivery date. If you need a product before a certain date, please contact us before purchasing the product, we will charge you additional shipping costs, because you may need to upgrade the shipping service.


In some cases, value-added tax (VAT), other taxes, or duties are levied in your destination country. These additional costs are not included and are the responsibility of the recipient. We are unable to determine the cost because the customs and tax policies of various countries vary greatly. If you have any questions, please contact your local customs. We do not refund the shipping cost for customers who refuse packages on arrival due to failure to pay customs duties.

Refund and cancellation policy

We are a well-made ceramics company. At present, there is only one product in this shop, and there is no similar product. Once the goods are shipped, we will not be able to change the order. We will devote ourselves to providing exquisite, handmade and unique artworks. For people to enjoy and use throughout their lives! We are passionate about every item we make by hand, and hope you are equally passionate about the newly purchased items. Upon arrival, if we fail to provide you with the goods you wish to receive, we will comply with the 14-day exchange policy or store credit. Unless you receive damaged or damaged items, or if the goods are lost in transit, etc.

For standard inventory orders/items: The returned item must be unused and in the same condition as when it arrived. We will replace any items that are in poor condition and in good condition. If the item is damaged or broken, please notify us within 5 days of receipt.

You can return unused items in their original condition and packaging within two weeks of receipt.
Please send an email to to request a return
Unless the item you received is damaged or we made an error, you will be responsible for all return shipping costs.
Since the damaged items in the return transportation or the returns that have never been received will not be refunded in full, we strongly recommend that you insure all returned goods and provide us with a tracking number.

Regarding the order: We will not provide a refund unless the order is damaged or damaged when it arrives. It is important to remember that every piece is handmade and no two pieces are exactly the same. Although small, there are slight and unavoidable changes due to the clay, glaze and firing technique used. Our work is not mass-produced, nor is it created in a factory or assembly line. The change of each work is what makes it unique! Our pottery is unique, and its changes are designed to be accepted and appreciated because of its characteristics. We hope you like your new pottery, and will always support and pay attention to all kinds of novel and new products prepared by our studio for you in the future.
Damaged item


All products are shipped to you in the best possible packaging to ensure that you are in good condition when you receive the purchased products. After receiving it, please check your package carefully.

If you find that the package is obviously damaged, please reject the shipment and have the carrier return it.
If the package is slightly damaged, please indicate it when you sign for it.
If you find that the product is damaged when you open the product, please notify us via
If there is any damage to the product or packaging, please notify us immediately so that we can solve the problem
Please send photos to showing the damaged items and any damage to the box. You must keep the packing materials for inspection of the claim.



  Please note that these works of art are slightly flawed and will inevitably vary from work to work. These works are sold "as is" and we realize that they do not meet the high quality standards of our other ceramics. Our artworks are not "products" produced by uniform standard mechanization. We follow the principle that our photos will be whatever the product is. There is no such thing as modifying the picture, beautifying the picture, and the picture is inconsistent with the real artwork. We also ensure that all items are shipped to you in the best possible packaging.